As many people transition to working from home full-time, having the perfect home office design is relevant now more than ever. Since your office is now at home, there’s nothing standing in your way from making it the best spot to fit your style or working needs. Check out the following home office looks if you’re looking for inspiration and great products to revitalize your work from home space.

A Minimalist Retreat

This home office focuses on simple design aspects to create a minimalist, bold style. The floor to ceiling glass windows allows for maximum natural light, which many workspaces are often lacking. More daylight has been proven to improve mental and physical health in a working environment. In addition to being a light source, the windows create a simple and uncluttered view of the outdoors complementing the earthy and natural colors featured inside. The subtle ceiling design of the room also stands out and features underlighting for a soft glow that contrasts nicely with the crown moulding’s darker shade. This open, light-filled office offers homeowners a relaxing work ambiance, making it easy for anyone in the space to get comfortable — and get focused.

Modern Study

This modern study focuses on contrast. It’s traditional vs. contemporary with the floor rug and the wood cabinetry and desk design. In addition to the cabinetry and desk, the warm and natural wood elements in the crown moulding work well against the cooler tone of the wall color. The matte black furniture, such as the leather corner chair, stand out with a sleek modern contrast to the more natural wood elements. 

Luxury Office

Why not transform your home office into a palace? With an intricate chandelier and rosette insets in the wall paneling, this space is all about luxury. Featuring Metrie’s Fashion Forward and French Curves Collections, this room delivers on extravagant style for a truly unique workspace. The modern blinds on classic windows, high back desk chair and crystal door knob details are all elements that add elegance to this open and airy space.

Whether you have a favorite design aesthetic or want to incorporate aspects from each of the above examples, your workspace should be a place that you feel comfortable, motivated and inspired. Feel free to reach out to us with your vision and we’ll be happy to show you product options to bring that vision to life. 

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