Milford Lumber is pleased to announce the addition of two new products: Rutt Cabinets and Gordon Cellar Doors. Rutt Cabinets is a great addition to the Milford offering. Rutt has had many years to hone their craft, to perfect their cabinetry. It only takes a brief glance at a Rutt original to apprehend the depth of their commitment—but look closer. You will see it in every aspect of their craftsmanship, from the harmonious way components join together, to the careful wood grain matching and hand finishing.

Milford Lumber is also pleased to announce the addition of Gordon Cellar Doors. For over 50 years, The Gordon Corporation has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing all-steel basement doors. Gordon Cellar Doors are American made and proud of it. Gordon remains committed to providing top quality products with thoughtful, field proven design features which provide long-term satisfaction to home owners.

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