We’re proud to offer Kleer Lumber, not only because they are an industry leader when it comes to innovative PVC products but also because of their commitment to customer service and support. Kleer puts great value in customer feedback from builders, remodelers, contractors, dealers, distributors and architects. The feedback they receive translates directly into new products and innovations that help make working with Kleer easier, faster and more profitable.


  • Kleer PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) delivers the advantages of natural wood without the upkeep. The density is similar to white pine. It will not splinter, rot, delaminate or swell.
  • TruEdge, smooth sealed edge resists dust and dirt and can be easily cleaned.
  • Easily painted using 100% acrylic latex paint which chemically bonds with the PVC.
  • Density similar to white pine, eliminates core voids which allows the product to easily be glued, laminated and milled.
  • Infused with UV inhibitors to provide long lasting protection.
  • Product will not yellow overtime.
  • Available in many different sizes, lengths, and textures (smooth / smooth or smooth / woodgrain).
  • Offered in full unit quantities and Kleer Packs which are sub bundles in plastic wrap for added protection.


  • Lifetime warranty-Original owner of single-family residence-covers against warping, cracking, splitting, rotting, peeling, flaking, blistering and excessive fading under normal weather conditions.
  • 25 years for commercial owners.


  • Free foam extrusion allows for a dense core with no voids. Excellent for milling.
  • Celuka based extrusion allows for a strong glossy outer skin but can create some voids inside the product. This is harder to glue, laminate and mill.


  • Trim, sheets, corners, wraps, mouldings, and cortex screws.
  • 3⁄4” thick trim is the most popular in New England.
  • 5/4” (15/16”) trim is typically used with thicker siding material.
  • Sheets are greatfor milling.
  • Variety of moulding profiles, good for most projects.
  • Beaded Boards in 4” and 6” Edge and Center Bead and 2” OC Beaded Sheets ideal for porch ceilings and wainscoting.
  • Corners available in standard square edge, Konceal which has a 3⁄4” rabbeted edge for your siding to tuck into, and Outside Corners with a J channel and integrated nailing flange for blind fastening.
  • Konceal Trim Boards with a 3⁄4” rabbeted edge for your siding to tuck into, with or without a window flange recess on the back side, in 4”, 6” and 8” widths
  • Post wraps in 4”, 6”, 8”, and 10”. Three sides are assembled, oneside loose for install.

Kleer relies completely on user feedback to perfect and innovate the products that they sell. These significant updates help customers save time, money and improve their final product to create a beautiful home. Mimicking the look of actual wood without the upkeep, Kleer produces durable quality products with extensive customer service. Contact us to learn more about Kleer and all of the PVC products they have to offer!

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