RDI Transform Vinyl Cap Railing

Transform has the elements that you want in a wood railing – the weight, look and feel of wood, and nothing that you don’t.

Imagine installing a beautiful deck railing that requires 75% fewer drill holes and screws than many of its competitor’s and is backed with a warranty of a normal human’s lifetime.

Advanced Engineering

Although Transform contains no wood, it has the appearance of wood, shares a similar heaviness, and installs without special tools. Transform provides superior strength and dependability in a product that is as easy to work with as traditional materials.

State-of-the-Art Resalite™ Core with Acrylic Cap
Transform’s Resalite™ core contains no wood fiber or flour and is impervious to rot. Its acrylic finish delivers a painted wood-like appearance, provides superior pigment retention and unmatched resistance to weathering. Sections quickly assemble due to a unique bracket system and one-of-a-kind baluster adapters.

Unique Bracket Design

Brackets are completely concealed within the rail structure, providing a clean finish look. One bracket is used for all applications level, stair, and angled installations.

Simple Level and Stair Baluster Attachment

Transform balusters attach quickly and easily with mounting adapters, saving time by eliminating the need for tedious nailing or screwing each baluster into the railing. This innovative baluster adaptor works in level and star rail configurations.

Durability & Finish

An industry first, ultra low-maintenance acrylic surface provides a satin, wood-like appearance and superior color pigment retention, for gorgeous, lasting color and fade-resistance.

Resalite contains no wood or organic fibers. Weather resistant and strong, Resalite won’t absorb water or rot, and resists discoloration, fading and sagging. It’s so durable, that Transform crushes composite railing with a limited lifetime warranty.

Transform Railing is available in 3 popular profiles

6′ Transform Graspable Top Rail
To maintain continuity and avoid the cost of adding a secondary handrail system for stairs , Transform offers a graspable top rail in a complementary profile that seamlessly blends with any of the three primary top rail options.

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