Engineered Wood & Trusses

Milford Lumber is a proud promoter of Engineered Wood Products (EWP) and their application. We believe these products represent both good building practice and are good for the environment.  We offer a full range of engineered wood for use as floor joists, beams, columns, headers, rim boards, and roof systems. We also have in house design specialists that can help determine the correct size and product for any application.

If you plan on building, you may wish to  consider engineered wood as a way to achieve better performance over conventional solid lumber. This is particularly true in floor design where engineered floor joists allow flexibility in clear span coverage and provide a more stable floor with less deflection and squeaking that can result from the shrinkage of regular dimension lumber. In addition, the use of engineered wood in both floor and roof design can speed the construction process and result in a more efficient building process.

Roof trusses are also a labor saving way to speed the construction process.  Our specialists can help you evaluate whether prefabricated trusses are a good alternative to a standard frame design.

Engineered Wood Product and Truss Design Service

Engineered Wood Products (EWP) and Trusses can be made specific to your project. Each piece of EWP  or truss can be matched together to reach longer spans, save time, use less waste and lower overall costs. At Milford Lumber we use state-of-the-art technology from design to delivery, to produce the best designs to fit your specific project.

Truss Display Specifications

Roof Truss Display Specifications


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