The TYPAR® Weather Protection System Stands Alone.

From the roofline to the foundation, it’s critical to address every point of vulnerability. A tear, seam, or rough opening that’s not properly sealed off has the potential to be exploited by Mother Nature. Don’t leave even the smallest way in for air or moisture.

The TYPAR Weather Protection System is second to none in delivering the most complete, and capable defense for building envelopes. What’s more, using the full, properly installed system provides you with the only lifetime limited warranty of its kind.

TYPAR® BuildingWrap

It gets the balance of holdout and breathability just right. Add on superior tear strength, UV stability, and surfactant resistance for a smart, rugged weather barrier. Learn More.


TYPAR® MetroWrap

Rising to a higher challenge in protecting buildings over four stories, TYPAR MetroWrap features our incredible tear strength, plus a boost in UV-blocking muscle. Learn More.

TYPAR® Construction Tape

Versatile. Tough. Easy to install. Use TYPAR Construction Tape for UV- and weather-resistant sealing power on residential and commercial jobs alike. Learn More.

TYPAR® Drainable Wrap

Bulk water? Don’t worry. TYPAR Drainable Wrap sheds it fast, while TYPAR HouseWrap DW and Home Slicker® Plus TYPAR® offer other highly effective options. Learn More.

TYPAR® Flashings

Whether dealing with temperature extremes, rounded openings, or everyday projects, our range of flashings has you covered. And with high-performance in mind. Learn More.

TYPAR® Accessories

Leave nothing to chance. Our specially designed electrical, plumbing, and A/C flashing panels help ensure tricky wall penetrations get sealed off fast and tight. Learn More.

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